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tv   [untitled]    February 2, 2012 3:00am-3:30am EST

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russia refuses to back the latest u.n. draft resolution on syria unless it's amended to clearly rule out military intervention and an arms embargo on damascus. german chancellor angela merkel arrives in china helping to secure the border from its strategic economic partner in times of crisis and get bored with the western policy on iran. plus as the international community calls an israel to stop building homes on occupied lands palestinians who live there are trying to stop what they call terrorism at the hands of israeli settlers.
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you want you to live from moscow marina joshie welcome to the program russia says it will veto the latest un security council resolution on syria unless the draft is changed while moscow admits progress has been made it's yet to see attacks that explicitly rules out military intervention is also reluctant to stop selling equipment to damascus saying that would leave syria at the mercy of unrecognized rebel forces armed with weapons smuggled from abroad says he has more. russia says it won't accept even a hint of an embargo on arms embargo when it comes to syria and its reasoning for this is pretty simple it says firstly that the weapons and arms are that russia provides to syria cannot be used against demonstrators thus don't influence anything that goes on inside syria and when it comes to this conflict now secondly russia says that it is only following its legal obligations it's following its international contracts with syria and it's not breaching any international laws at
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all and most importantly it says that the lessons of libya need to be large because when an arms embargo was put in place on libya what ended up happening was government forces were embargoed but the opposition groups continued to receive openly arms from abroad and this is something that they don't want to see in syria and russia says it's time for the west to stop pretending like armed groups don't exist over there. it would seem logical if there is a conflict let's not supply arms because we saw what happened in libya in an imperfect world this would have meant the following no weapons would be government opposition point is could get them from anyone that's what that would mean especially now our security council colleagues refuse even to admit the presence of groups they will not condemn them. being supplied with weapons and we say ok great hullo contracts a long standing relations with syria but they will start supplying even more to a position groups just they did in libya so there's no sign of
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a break in deadlock just yet the arab and western backed regime change resolution calls for the. syrian president to step down if this does not happen within fifteen days further measures could take place and russia says no thanks we've seen this similar scenario in libya and this particular case moscow says what's important is for talks for syria to exercise its sovereignty for the opposition and the government to sit down together moscow has offered russia as the center. stage for these negotiations but it's important to say that russia still believes that a consensus can be found within the united nations security council it says that broad resolutions that are dangerous should not be put on the table that can split the council and really aggravate any sort of conflict and it continues to call for the importance of arab observers to our remaining working on the ground and i say to work in our reporting there now the u.s. as well as its european and arab allies are committed to pushing president assad
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out of power but political analyst benjamin barber says forcing regime change is a bad idea that's already plunged other arab countries into turmoil. the case of libya the case of yemen and a number of other countries egypt also suggest that you have to be careful what you wish for the west is rather uncritical the recent insurgency is a good thing only to find that insurgency often means. fractionalization splintering various groups up against want to try and over time the forces that are welcome to the west one for the displaced in libya you see a country that is unable to create any kind of see where the militias are fighting one another where recently. towns like barwell didn't back in pads or get out and forces and the danger of libya like somalia with a lot of the militias in the tribes before so nobody i think did what will happen
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if assad is overthrown molecules or steps down and no one really knows what the outcome is likely to be the west is hoping it will be less supportive of hezbollah less supportive of iran and less support that. no one really knows what it's going to look like so the fact is would you support insurgencies you're basically taking a very difficult bet on a certainty. they are in a wing of the opposition the free syrian army claims to have tens of thousands of officers fighting to bring down president assad but leading british journalist suspects the numbers are being exaggerated to provoke foreign intervention watch the full interview in just over twenty minutes time. huge debate about the f.s.a. and how much first of all how many defections are going on because they claim to be getting dozens and dozens of the fact that every day every week from syria forces i get overs in the political history our federation of the psychologist said well
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it's a pretty good it's a trickle and they're exaggerated in order to get us to western intervention if you look at the history of western intervention so from other terror you will see there's including the the f.s.a. the ground whether in libya which you go back to kosovo the k.l.a. which also said you know give us the guns give us the support and we'll do the fighting and it has got to stop you have the northern alone so that actually these groups tend not to have as much legitimacy as they claim to be military strength as they claim. german chancellor angela merkel has called in china the biggest buyer of rain oil to use its influence to persuade iran to renounce its possible nuclear weapons ambitions marco what is on her fifth visit to china where she's trying to change beijing stance on iran and get it to support a western resolution on syria also on the agenda seeking support for the euro zone to hold talks with chinese leaders to try to win investment and. professor simon
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chan of the chinese university of hong kong believes that china wants an ally to counter a u.s. dominance. i think actually there are fewer reasons of archer first is to a lot of the china. in a year old actresses but that's not the only reason you know is cooperating with the states to sanction iran and it is the live the german chancellor that wish to arm the chinese the. knowledge of the use of this of a surety to increase the oil imports from iran so that's the second agenda but then the only chunk out of germany as to converse china should not work well with iran in exchange of germans foreign of their support and china's than is some e.u. support when it's dealing with the united states and there's a sense in china that there's and and self-command of china by the united states right now and there's three engines of the united states in asia pacific so our
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shannon is some balancing act out of power so e.u. is one of the many important matters that china wish to engage. and so. well you know on to our website to give us your opinion on the possible results of chancellor merkel's visit to china. so far thirty eight percent think the visit will help cure many access new markets almost a third of voters believe in a helping hand you work sixteen percent say that china will move closer to the western position on iran and a minority believe that meeting will and with chinese support for you and security council resolution on syria. to cast your vote. still ahead for you this hour here candidates versus their. is the president of. find out why
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the careless comments of u.s. politicians could be costing american credibility on the international stage. piecing relations back together over a split atom u.n. inspectors say they're on track to solving the deadlock over iran's nuclear program i am monitors will head back to the country later this month after wrapping up three days of what they called positive and constructive talks in tehran but despite hopeful feedback from the u.n. a group of american lawmakers want washington to bully iran into submission but top military official u.s. ally israel even says all possible means should be used to disrupt to iran's nuclear program investigative journalist robert perry things the drums are beating for regime change. there's been almost a consensus not just in the united states in the intelligence community but even in some degree in israel that the iranians have not made the decision to move ahead to
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build a nuclear weapon. believe that they are developing expertise that can be used in the future for such a decision if they were to make one so. iran is sincere about its lack of interest in a nuclear weapon and if the west is willing to show some more flexibility in terms of how they're willing to negotiate on this i think there could be some resolution many people in the west do want regime change in iran they would like to see the removal of this islamic republic there's been a lot of propaganda in the west against iran but i do think that there is this there is an opportunity here for. for rand to make to achieve some openings but that may not be enough to satisfy many of its critics who would like to see real change in government. and we have more news on iran at our website r t v dot com how were the petro dollars to profit most.
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likely to follow the expert opinion first hand. also online fighting racism with digital tools learn how and international hacktivist group has dealt a blow to american and british white supremacy. plus. the appetite for contemporary art grows as leading off and now rising profits. are the most lucrative. protection can be used. in global supremacy. between two thousand and five and two thousand and nine u.s. has spent fifteen billion dollars in the price paid for the entire program that we
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are dealing with right now here in two thousand and eleven is another one hundred fifty billion dollars that's larger than many country's entire military budget. things because the best for the. team has been. for the country's middle starts its way across the ocean. now our chief goes to the area. looking to a different representative. for local businesses are striving to build the aviation capital of russia. that's where the four by fours are made and to the limit. welcome to the old. creature. russia close up. wealthy british style. right. around the.
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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on. the blunders of u.s. politicians have inspired jokes and parodies for decades as a campaign for the two thousand and twelve election heats up candidates mistakes are in the limelight once again but their critics aren't laughing as more important i reports on believe the comments made show nothing more than ignorance and disregard for world affairs. every four years america's top job is up for grabs. with each new election comes
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a new batch of candidates with compromising foreign policy credentials when i ask me who is the president. i'm going to say you know i don't know do you know i'm afraid that it's a very hard struggle particularly given the situation on the iraq pakistan border you can actually see why russia from land here in alaska africa was a country on the brink on the brink of complete meltdown and chaos geographically illiterate us candidates have supplied comedians with endless material but all jokes aside some presidential hopefuls vying to lead the world's most powerful armed forces know very little about america's military interventions so you agree with president obama libya. forming a cohesive sentence on geopolitics can be a struggle i do not agree with the way he did it for reasons. no
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that's that's a different one differentiating between friends and enemies is also a challenge obviously got to stand with our north korean allies in the case of republican candidate mitt romney mixing up presidents and prime ministers and the common i think that president bush represents a real threat to the. stability and peace of the world the overarching ignorance on international affairs has caused american political commentator bill maher to conclude i think anybody could be president in this dumb country. sort of like at this point now where i think if you're gonna be it when you register to be a candidate you also have to go take a test about foreign affairs and if you fail the test we might get you one chance to take it again and then i'm say sorry go run you know for city council in your little town in alaska if
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a country with the world's highest national g.d.p. is being represented by politicians with a deficit on international affairs the biggest consequence is likely to be america's credibility around the world and even who we target in let me finish this i just get lost in a blizzard of words there this is where it gets really dangerous for united states of america it's like wait a minute how could they possibly be right about terrorism how could they be right about north korea are going to be right about iran so-called nuclear program when their candidate doesn't even know that there's a north and south korea i think the us is why and so then the world has this very paranoid view of the united states because of the candidates not understanding basic facts or understanding basic principles of international law which unequivocally prohibit torture and if i were president i would be willing to use water. i think it was very effective if you meet. the consistent streak of foreign
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policy blunders made by u.s. presidential hopefuls is quite humorous but it could also be considered a national tragedy if most candidates campaigning to be leader of the so-called free world simply don't know enough about the world outside of america's borders. new york. now take a look at some other stories from around the world and at least seventy four people have been killed and over one thousand injured in clashes between rival football fans in egypt the violence happened in the city of port so you know after an upset victory by the home team over. fans stormed onto the field after the game and armed with sticks stones and even knights forty seven people have been arrested in connection with the trouble in troops have been deployed to the city to prevent further clashes officials fear at the death toll could rise further. over two hundred people have been rescued off the coast of papua new guinea after
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a passenger ferry sank the boat was carrying around three hundred fifty people as a problem between the seas off came back and why the ships operator said it's lost contact with the vessel on thursday after it sent a distress call the search continues for over one hundred people still missing. american the fan secretary leon panetta says the u.s. will seek to and its combat operations in afghanistan next year speaking at a nato summit he said the country wants to switch to a role of supporting and training afghan forces the decade long presence of u.s. troops there has cost the us around six billion dollars a year seven hundred u.s. troops and tens of thousands of civilians have died since the two thousand and one invasion. the deep freeze and have the snow have led to at least eighty deaths across eastern europe forty. three people have died in ukraine alone word temperatures have plummeted to minus thirty degrees celsius in bosnia
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a rescue helicopter airlifted emergency food and evacuated dozens from snow blocked villages weather forecasters say the subzero temperatures are expected to last until friday. a stark message from the u.n. to israel stop building settlements on occupied palestinian territory and restart peace talks palestinians claim they're being terrorized by israeli settlers outnumbered and outgunned some are now turning tech savvy to defend themselves policy or has more. this footage is being filmed with nasa only watches camera he's the palestinian who's been pushed to the ground by israeli soldier just moments earlier his friend took his camera and started filming with. president morsi was literally i know that it was we're. also a little i was not only you know not all of that sort of i don't know those really
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seems like those have been almost weekly here and they have been hills and across the palestinian territories for years they went unrecorded until an israeli human rights organization distributed cameras to nasser and dozens of other palestinians to capture glimpses of every day reality in an occupied zone the number one reason for settler attacks against palestinians on their property is the lack of law enforcement by israeli authorities this sends a clear message to violent settlers they will act with impunity the very will not be made to pay the pay a price for their actions but more and more they are being called to book after footage like this has been made public the extremists often strike in the dead of night sitting fire to mosques and painting walls with the words placed the term as a threat to israeli security forces of the heavy price will have to pay if they try to break. another. goal was to take control of all the land and expel palestinians the settlers let loose wild animals on the agricultural land so they destroyed the
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crops we've seen instances where sutlers run over palestinians with their cars and shoot at unarmed palestinians it's on the increase sharply. guy batavia is an israeli activist who gave up his day job so he could volunteer full time to teach palestinians about the camera project he says settlers think twice when they see a lens pointed in a direction although it didn't stop him recently from breaking his arm and beating him all over his body at a protest in support of a palestinian farmer whose land had been stolen by a settlement but we were about fifteen activists. came in about. and the players. wouldn't care about the cameras actually they became. one of the people that they were with. on the ground there with their cameras. all the cameras not only did israeli police do nothing while bones were
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broken and one settler attempted to knife or protester but israeli activists say police beat several of them up what's more for the first time israeli woman activists say they were sick she harassed and assaulted by both male and female israeli extremists but that hasn't dampened the enthusiasm of nasa and others to film what's going on and hold the israeli security forces and settlers accountable when the settlers see the cameras of course they don't do what they would usually do the cameras haven't stopped or just changed the way the settlers attackers now they do it mostly when it's impossible to film their checkers from the side before they attack to see if we have cameras with us. the settlers are accused of carrying out violent attacks against random palestinian civilians damaging their property more recently however they're charged with targeting israeli soldiers and police and of facing the homes of left wing israeli activists israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has vowed to crack down on jewish extremism in the west bank but
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with his government supporting settlement expansion that promise means precious little to those on the receiving end of the violence policy r.t. tel aviv well that brings us up to date with what's happening in business with katie. thanks marina gold has evolved to the highest level in eight weeks stronger manufacturing in countries like china and india is weakening the dollar and boosting demand for alternative investments but in is now trading at over one thousand seven hundred fifty dollars an ounce and investors expect a further growth on economic uncertainty. from one of the largest gold mine is in russia believes it will reach around two thousand dollars this year there is so much uncertainty but financial uncertainty in europe there's a need to stimulate the american economy which is being done in effect by printing
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money political instability in syria and iran the only way out of these issues is for money that we know the dollar the euro to be devalued against real assets and people have learnt about this as a as a trick before the problem by the government so they want to protect themselves and go is indeed wealth ensure people are physically buying small doesn't go as wealth insurance to stop them suffering at the hands of massive devaluation of money probably some somewhere around somewhere around two thousand average for the two thousand and twelve. global stock markets have had the best start to the year for almost two decades they've risen an average of five point eight percent in january helped by signs of excel or easing growth in the u.s. and improvements in the european debt problems corporate results have also mostly been above expectations banks the miners have been the best performing sectors
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which shows up more than nine percent. does take a look up the markets with you get started with the exchange rates the euro is trading just a not tie against the dollar stocks are extending their global rally ahead of us job cutting demands for refuge not says the u.s. dollar is low against the russian ruble off to seeing some gains in the previous session but the year of has managed to edge higher in the last hour let's move on to oil crude prices up assuming much better than the earlier in the session extending the gains that made in the last hour despite news that gasoline fell to a ten year low although they will still trading near the lowest level in six weeks and brant crude in london was at the biggest premium to new york prices in twelve. right now you can see the light. just about a quarter of a cent imposed of territory on the brant is off
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a percent. on the european markets are now open for business and after a fairly solid performance yesterday both the footsie on the dies are positive territory with the dax half a percent. on the russian markets they got off to a good dos in the black spots all now not doing quite so great so as you can see b.l.t.'s is just point one percent and then my sex has edged. let's see what's going on in the my sex and the financial stocks are among the main gate is a bank is point four percent up it's last year's it never profit reached ten and a half billion dollars. it's gaining points some some just by life and energy mages also obvious gas pump top one percent welcome rubinstein from i have seen much of all believe the general music will continue to be but that spot still movements on the likely head of the key data late in the session. we're going to get a very important i say the most important piece of marker data these days this is
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u.s. labor market report. it's it's a general labor every poor that's going to come out before u.s. market opens expectations that american economy created hundred fifty thousand new jobs fall into a gain of joinder thousand back in december a lot of investors will be waiting for that number and we have seen on the sidelines we might see a poison in there ali if we look at the valuations they're still not very demanding and if you look at the russian market for example it is trading at less than six times earnings and just back in june of trade at about a half nine times earnings so there's been a very significant drop in the valuations in the market and in in the indexes and also in the valuations of their of the russian companies. the global banking sector is getting increasingly anxious about its future according to a new survey by consultancy you say it shows concerns about new bank ups is buying
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king nationalizations have reached the highest level in thirteen years b w c has told bankers from almost sixty come tryst the debt crisis in the euro zone is considered the biggest risk the survey has also shown that russian banks are less prepared to face the economic dangers than the foreign rivals. so from a firm now fifty five minutes state. the headlines.
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a soulless substance. a touch like a well trained army. villages in ruins. for thailand where time stands still. all becomes a sea of nothingness. the mysterious suns of russia on our t.v. . news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada.

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